Quality Assurance

With our policy providing an “unconditional return guarantee”, we respect for the interests of our customers with utmost care. Our customers may opt for returning to the nearest BIM store any product that they may have purchased without stating any reason and being bounded by any time limitation with the help of the sales receipt and credit card slip.

Our logo which reads “Our quality is our assurance” has long been standing as our motto since our establishment.

At BIM, we place the public health and security of the products above any material profit.

We attach great importance not only to the prices of the products sold out at our stores, but also their quality. Our Quality Assurance Department approves each product by testing the conformity of such product with the statutory obligations and the criteria set by BIM, and only approved products are put on the market. The quality and conformity of the products with laws during the sales phase are regularly tested through independent and accredited laboratories.

To control the quality of our product portfolio, we coordinate with public and private laboratories, as well as international laboratories. In such laboratories, any foodstuff sold out at BIM are physically, chemically, and microbiologically tested. Any pathogen and non-pathogen microorganisms, toxins, agricultural pesticides, antibiotic residues, restricted additives and preservatives, presence of GMO content, etc. and legal parameters that threaten human health, such as azo colorants, phthalates, heavy metals, etc. are checked in a regular manner. In such context, at least 10 thousand foodstuff and non-foodstuff materials are inspected on a yearly basis.

The production plants of our candidate vendors are inspected and audited through special question lists of BIM and only those vendors which are deemed appropriate and sufficient can perform production for BIM. Our existing vendors are also subject to periodical informed/uninformed audits. Our objective at BIM is to contribute to the development of our vendors which have passed through our periodical audits based on our “Question List” designed specially at BIM in terms of product security and infrastructure.


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