Special Buys

Consumers are always looking for the cheapest prices. However, smart customers do not settle for just the cheapest they also want quality products. Every week, our smart customers will find 10 to 15 products available at highly reasonable prices.

Known as spot products, these items are not continuously in stock but are offered to our customers on a weekly basis. Limited in number, these products are consumed right away thanks to their high quality and low prices. At certain times of the year, BİM offers deals for any product that you might think of and need.

In addition to food products always in stock at our stores, BİM aims to add value to your daily life with these temporarily available products. With our product line changing every week, we might surprise you with items such as small appliances or bedspreads every now and then. We assure the quality of temporarily available products as well as private label products produced solely for BİM.


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