Frequently Asked Questions

What does BIM stand for?

The brand name of our company, a leading corporation of the retail sector, is BIM. BIM stands for the official trade name of BIM Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş.

Is a Product Return possible? How can I return a Product that I have bought?

BİM customers can return unconditionally purchased products. For this, it is sufficient to apply to our nearest store with your receipt and credit card slip.

Why are products offered in pallets?

Our primary goal in offering the products in pallets at our stores is to enable you, our customers, to reach the products that you need as practicable as possible in parallel to minimizing the costs involved. For detailed information as to the presentation of our products for our customers, please click here.

Why are spot products sold out two days a week available while supplies last?

The reason to keep our spot products available while supplies last is to enable our customers to meet with new products each week to manage our stocks in an efficient manner. For further information on spot products, please click here.

Can we buy a franchise?

Our company offers or grants no dealership, branch, or franchise option. However, you may fill out the related form by visiting at the section entitled “Do You Have a Leased-Out Store Space?” of our website if you have a suggestion for a leased-out store. Please click here to access the page.

Why does BIM have so few brand products?

Our priority at BIM is to avoid any burden on you for any extra costs such as advertisement and promotion by offering and providing our customers with our own products that we have them produced to match “at least” the quality of the leading brand products of the market.


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