1995BİM started its operations with 21 stores.
1997Dost Süt (milk), the first private label in Turkey has been launched. BİM opened its 100th store.
2001BİM opened 87 more stores despite the financial crisis in the country.
2002Sales by credit card started.
2003Net Sales exceeded 1 billion TL.
2004The 1000th store was opened.
200544.12 of BIM’s equity was publicly offered in July.
2008Number of stores reaches 2.285 with 551 new openings. Turnover grows by 42 percent annually.
2009First overseas operations with the opening of stores in Morocco in April.
2010BİM leads the sector with its turnover in excess of 6,5 billion TL.
2011With a turnover over TL 8 billion, BİM strenghtened its number one position in the Turkish food retail market.
2012BİMcell has been launched.
2013First BİM stores opened in Egypt in April.
2014BİMcell reaches 1 million subscribers
2015FİLE, a new retail concept, was launched.
2017With the growth and profitability outperforming the expectations, BİM continues to be well ahead in the retail market in 2017, too.
2018With its year-end turnover of 32,3 billion TL, BİM was ranked in 7th place in the Capital500 list.
2019BİM increased its turnover to 40.2 million TL with a consolidated growth of 24,5 percent annually. BİMcell exceeds 2 million subscribers

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