BIM Philosophy

Hard Discount Concept of BİM

Pursuing the philosophy of minimizing its operational costs which is in turn reflected as discounts to its customers, BİM is the pioneer of the hard-discount model in Turkey with its organizational structure, efficient cost management practices and limited product portfolio. BİM builds its hard-discount concept on three core pillars:

1. To speed up decision-making and implementation processes by establishing a dynamic logistics and information network between regional offices and stores with a decentralized organizational structure;

2. To avoid any unnecessary expenses that likely to raise the product prices;

3. To supervise quality standards in the most efficient way by limiting the product portfolio to 850 item and to offer customers products at the affordable prices.

Thanks to its high purchasing power, BİM is the largest buyer of most of the products it sells. Thus, it encourages suppliers to make products at low cost and with high quality in an effort to offer quality products at the most affordable prices. BİM adopted a detailed and finely-tuned operation method for product selection and pricing. Products that are offered to consumers at the stores are selected in such a way that they meet 80% of the basic daily consumption needs of a household.

Highlights Summarizing BİM’s Service Philosophy

BİM BİM gives priority to its customers rather than short-term high profits

BİM, BİM offers highest quality products with affordable prices.

BİM BİM offers unconditional return policy for the products that do not meet their expectations.

BİM,BİM has contracted producers for high quality products produced specially for you.

BİM  BİM customers pay for the product itself, not for the packaging or the brand.

BİM, BİM offers the products in boxes avoiding any unnecessary costs.

BİM, BİM hires stores at the best rental fees and at locations nearest its customers.

BİM, BİM avoids any extravagant promotional and advertising costs which might increase tpe product prices.

BİM BİM stores are decorated by avoiding any overdone expenses.

BİM BİM employs store personnel who have qualifications sufficient for uninterrupted service.


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