Quality and Price Comparison

It is quite probable that you may wind up with any hidden costs which you may not notice at other supermarkets where you make your shopping. Additional costs arising out of any processes such as extravagant store designs, manner of product presentation, personnel overemployment, poorly organized logistics services, etc. are reflected in your bill.

BIM, having built a distinctive system, aims to take the burden of any additional costs off our customers and contribute to ensuring that you lead a more prudent life. For that purpose, we put our focus on basic consumption goods, plainly designed stores run by sufficient number of personnel and enable our customers to meet with BIM quality and assurance by avoiding any unnecessary costs given the private label products manufactured with high quality. We ensure that our customers access the most appropriate prices for quality products by paying for the very product, but not the brand or extravagant advertisements.

The product prices at BIM are not changed frequently through seasonal campaigns or periodical actions. Affordable shopping opportunity is offered throughout the year, thanks to our permanent high-quality and low-price policy.


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