1995BİM commences its operationswith 21 stores.
1997The first private label productof Turkey, Dost Süt, makes its debut. BİM opens its 100th store.
2001BİM opens 87 additional storesin spite of the economic crisis.
2002BİM begins accepting credit cards at its stores.
2003Net sales exceed TL 1 billion.
2004The 1,000th BİM store is opened.
2005BİM offers 44.12% of its shares to the public.
2008BİM increases the number of stores to 2,285, with 551 new store openings, and achieves a 42% increase in turnover.
2009BİM starts its first overseas operation, opening stores in Morocco.
2010BİM increases its paid-in capital by TL 75,900,000 to TL 151,800,000, which is fully covered by internal sources.
2011With a turnover over TL 8 billion, BİM strenghtened its number one position in the Turkish food retail market.
2012BİMcell was launched.
2013BİM starts its first operation in Egypt opening stores in April.
2014Number of BİMcell subscribers reaches 1 million.
2015FİLE, BİM's new reatil model, opened its first stores
2016With its TL 20 billion turnover and its double-digit growth rate, BİM has further strengthened its number one position in Turkey's food reatil market.
2017BİM's growth rate and profitability in 2017 exceeded expectations and, due to this success, the Company's continued leadership in the retail industry is solidly established. 
2018Morocco and FİLE operations attained operational profitability (EBITDA).

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