Quality and Price Comparison

While shopping in a typical supermarket, hidden costs may appear without notice. They may be disguised in food products, packaging, product presentation or in the number of additional personnel. These extra costs are added to your bill every time you shop. To avoid such an unnecessary economic burden, BİM redesigned the concept of food shopping and eliminated all the additional costs. Compare the amount you pay in exchange for the service you get and you will see how smart shopping adds value to your life.

Thanks to our selected product portfolio, costs of slow moving consumer goods are no more a burden for you. We offer basic consumer goods you need with the quality and assurance of our private label products. They are much cheaper than products of the same kind sold with a “brand name.”

Unlike other supermarkets, BİM does not allocate money for promotional costs. Out of every item sold, it is our customers that gain not the ad agencies.

And unlike other chain stores that have daily or weekly price discounts, discounts are long-lasting at BİM. Our philosophy is to offer our customers quality products at low prices. Our smart customers will notice our stable discount policy once they compare us to others.

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