Quality Assurance

If our customers purchase a product that they are not pleased with, they can return it without giving a reason together with their receipt and credit card slip.

Our logo “Our quality is what we assure’ has been our motto since our foundation.

The quality of the products sold in our stores is as important as the price. Our procurement division tests the quality and conformity of each product before putting them on the store shelves. Product quality is regularly checked while on sale at the store.

In terms of safety, we guarantee that the products we sell live up to minimum official standards with regard to relevant legislation; we take full responsibility to maintain these standards. As part of this responsibility, we have a seamless chain of communications with our suppliers as well as our customers.

We work in coordination with official and private laboratories to oversee quality control of our product portfolio. These laboratories run chemical and biological tests on products sold at BİM and detailed quality control checks at production sites.

BİM, whose ultimate goal is to offer reliable products that will fully and continuously satisfy the needs of our customers in a most economical and timely manner, embarks on making constant improvements in food safety as a matter of company policy.

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