Grocery Selections

BİM’s primary goal is to provide you with the healthiest and most appropriate selections from our extensive product line. Halal slaughtering under hygienic conditions is carried out for all meat products. We aim to bring ease and comfort as well as innovation to your kitchen by offering not only meat and poultry products but also ready-to-cook items specifically prepared for BİM’s valuable customers. Our private label provides you with the best tasting sausage, salami and similar meat products while at the same time being suitable to your family budget.

Breakfast and Dairy Products

BİM is able to provide its customers the most fresh and healthy dairy products.


BİM offers its customers perfect taste of drink at a perfect price.

Legumes and Bakery

Bakery products offered by BİM, are produced under the most hygienic conditions.

Snacks and Sweets

We offer a rich variety of private label snacks, sweets and cookies for you and your children.

Fruits and Vegetables

We offer our customers delicious, fresh and seasonable fruits and vegetables.

Frozen Foods

Our ready-to-cook foods such as pizza and french fries will certainly please your family.

Non-food Items - Cleaning Supplies

Our products are regularly tested by TUBITAK and private labaratories.

Nearest BIM

Locate your nearest BİM Store, enjoy affordable shopping.