Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does BİM stand for?
    The trademark of our Company, one of the pioneering organizations in the retail industry, is BİM. The official company name is BİM Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş. BİM runs its operations as a prominent trademark in the hard discount retail industry.
  • Why are there so few branded products at BİM?

    We do not burden our customers with extra costs derived from advertising and promotions. Instead, we offer our private label products which live up to the same quality as the leading branded products. That is exactly the reason why our ultimate goal is to offer you our private label products at the best prices and quality that can compete with market leaders while we continue to stock only a limited number of branded products. For further information, please click private label products

  • Why don’t you decorate the stores?

    Our main goal at the stores is to offer you shopping conditions that are the easiest and the most convenient. We not only save you extra costs by our minimalist interior design, but also we help you save time. To continue please click Modest Interior Design

  • Why are the products displayed on pallets and not on shelves?

    At BİM stores, products are displayed in such a way as to provide easy access for the customer. Our main goal is to minimize cost while helping you experience the convenience of shopping. We make sure that you reach to what you need without getting lost between huge shelves and lanes. For further information on product presentation, please click Product Presentation

  • Is it possible to return products? How can I return a product I bought?
    What we value most is customer satisfaction and do our best to maintain this at all times. With our unconditional return policy, our customers can return any product purchased without having to give a reason for their dissatisfaction just by producing the receipt and credit card slip. ‘Our quality is what we assure’ has been our motto since our foundation.
  • Why are weekly specials limited in stock?
    Our weekly specials group, a group of products that perpetuates dynamism and liveliness at our stores, offers surprises with new products every week. Due to a limited number of connections, time to market these products in the stores is limited. In this way, we can add new products to our portfolio every week
  • Can we buy a franchise?
    BİM owns and operates all of its stores. Our Company does not offer dealerships, branches or franchise licenses. However, you can offer places for rent to BİM. If you have such an offer, please visit Have a Place for Rent? On the website, you can fill out the relevant form.

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